Welcome to Baek Kim Laboratory

Our laboratory has been working on the molecular and cellular biology of HIV-1 replication, mutagenesis, evolution and viral escape by employing both biochemical and virological approaches. Recently, we have launched new projects designed to understand cell signal pathways that are hijacked by HIV-1 for the establishment of long-living HIV-1 macrophage reservoirs. We also focus on understanding the cellular metabolic changes made by HIV-1 infection for maintaining long-term survival of macrophage reservoirs and persistent viral production.

In addition, through the support of the New York Influenza Center of Excellence, our laboratory began exploring the mechanisms involved in the replication and mutagenesis of swine and avian influenza viruses, which contribute to viral host switch and adaptation between animals and humans. The titles of the current research subjects in the Kim laboratory are:

1) Mechanistic understanding of highly error prone HIV-1 reverse transcriptase
2) Cell type-specific HIV-1 mutagenesis and evolution
3) Long-living HIV-1 macrophage reservoirs and PI3K/Akt cell survival pathway
4) Metabolomics of HIV-1 macrophage and resting memory T cell reservoirs
5) Kinetic and mechanistic analysis of influenza virus replication machinery

[Credit: Images from 3dscience.com]